Student Seminar & Introduction to TDA

Research Goals: 

Student Seminar & Introduction to TDA

This working group is a forum, for students and professionals new to Topological Data Analysis, to discuss concepts and methods they are interested in with their peers.  Meetings will be held every two weeks.  Members are encouraged to submit papers to the group for reading and discussion in an open and friendly forum.  Online meetings will be held on Skype and all members of the group, and topological data community, will be invited to participate.  In addition, sessions will be held to learn the different software packages available for TDA.

Link to Upcoming Schedule: View in Google Sheets here.

Past Schedule:

September 17: Hypothesis Testing for Topological Data Analysis, Robinson and Turner (link to PDF)
August 10:  Topological estimation using witness complexes, de Silva and Carlsson (link to PDF)
July 27: Topological Data Analysis and Cosheaves, Justin M. Curry (link to PDF)

Scheduling Regular TDA Student Group Meetings for Spring 2016

Happy New Year!  We are looking to get our regular meetings started again this semester.  Below is a link to a Google Sheets document to fill out the times you are available for the Spring 2016 semester.  Please add your name with a 1 in the cell of the days and times you are available to meet, and a 0 in the cell of the days and times that you are not available to meet.

Meeting tomorrow to introduce JavaPlex

We will have a meeting tomorrow at 1:00pm EST to introduce people to JavaPlex.  Dr. Henry Adams will be presenting JavaPlex to us next week, so we will go over how to install JavaPlex and some of the basic aspects of the software so he can focus on more advanced features.  We will be meeting on Skype.

Also, if there is anything you want Dr. Adams to review next week, then please email me this weekend so I can let him know.

Sept 17 Meeting: Hypothesis Testing for Topological Data Analysis

Thomas Naugle will lead a group discussion of the paper "Hypothesis Testing for Topological Data Analysis."  You may download the paper at

If there is a paper or topic you're interested in discussing, please us know and we will add you to the calendar.

TDA Student Seminar Schedule for Fall 2015 Semester

We will meet every two weeks on Thursdays from 11:00am - 12:00pm (eastern time) starting Sept. 17.  We will continue meeting on Skype, unless the group is larger, then we can try to make other arrangements. 

If there are any topics you want to discuss with the group, please let me know by this weekend so we can distribute any reading materials to the group.  Also, please be aware that we are not necessarily restricted to papers... If you want to discuss projects, practice an upcoming talk, present a research idea, etc. then please feel free to schedule these.